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IRC Chat #1530

“What the hell”

[22:00] *** Mon Jul 27 2009 - LOGGING START ***
[22:00] *** Topic is - ... -
[22:00] *** Set by @SpeedRcrX on Mon Jul 27 22:00 2009

[22:00] <@SpeedRcrX> So we're having godzilla-related internet trouble again
[22:01] <@SpeedRcrX> But it's okay because we have something that will keep us well occupied for the week or so it will take to get stuff back to normal
[22:01] <@SpeedRcrX> namely
[22:02] <@SpeedRcrX> figuring out what the hell this is
[22:02] <@SpeedRcrX> Leave your thoughts in the comments
[22:02] *** Mon Jul 27 2009 - LOGGING STOP ***


Maybe the guy figured if he could show his date what her food really looked like then she'd be a cheap date! lol.

jovemako [e-mail] • 07/28/09 07:52pm

Some Japanese guy and his Digimon trying to guard a girl who is getting a tentacle removed from her navel.

TuxRainbow • 07/28/09 12:38pm

It's a belly button lint transplant machine! Made in Japan.

Shammie [e-mail] • 07/28/09 07:27am

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