#148: “I like soft fluffy things. ”

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<FireFly_9> My name is Tomoe Hotaru and I like soft, fluffy bunnies. Cute things are nice. Wouldn't it be perfect if we all had pink-painted walls and candy-coated ceilings?
<FireFly_9> Furry creatures are so Kawaii... I wish I could live in a house filled with furry little creatures. I ESPECIALLY like the super-happy pretty fun Hello Kitty! Sugoi!
<FireFly_9> Won't you let Hello Kitty be your friend too?
<FireFly_9> *giggle*
<FireFly_9> Oh, bloody h--
<[ Dr_Xadium ]> I *told* you you'd pay for that political post earlier on, Hotaru-chan.
<FireFly_9> ...
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