#142: “How to do business in Japan”

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<Mdm_Maestro> If I may, I impart the following advice from very hard-learned lessons working in Japan. I wish someone had told me this:

  • Read between the lines: when someone says, ďitís difficultĒ it means, ďitís impossible.Ē Yes also usually mean no.
  • Itís a waste of time to ask people to brainstorm new ideas.
  • Lying is okay if it is done for the purpose of saving face.
  • Watch your back, ratting someone out is perfectly acceptable.
  • Make sure you have tons of business cards. Treat other peoples business cards as delicately as a newborn baby.
  • Donít expect anyone to take ownership, just tell the exactly what you want them to do and you will be far more pleased with the results.
  • People donít like to make decisions. Try asking which option is better and you might get an answer.
  • Say your sorry all the time even if your not. Say thank you and excuse me even more often, it will make your life easier.
  • If you are willing to lead others will willingly follow. Be warned if one of them then f#cks something up it is your fault.
  • As a foreigner the same rules donít apply to you. As long as you are polite about it you can get away with lots.

<Mdm_Maestro> Taken from this blog.
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