#141: “Request”

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<FireFly_9> Does anyone have a downloadable video copy of the 2/25/2003 White House Press Briefing where Ari Fleischer gets laughed off the stage by the Press Corps for asserting with a straight face that the United States would never attempt to bribe other nations? It is supposed to be here, but the server seems to be censored slashdotted for the moment.
<FireFly_9> Call it schadenfreude if you must, but with all that's going on recently, I could stand a good laugh at the Minister of Propaganda Press Secretary's expense.
<FireFly_9> UPDATE: Never mind, the link works now... skip to about 29:00 and watch the fun for yourself :)
<[ Dr_Xadium ]> Uh-oh... that's a political post, Hotaru-chan... you're going to pay for that...
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