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[22:51] *** Topic is - From the Mysterious Future, thanks for six years :) -
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[22:52] <@Sakura Xadium Aino> In 2450 Wikipedia will note this about today on Suburban Senshi:
[22:54] <@Sakura Xadium Aino>:
One of the oddest things ever done was on the site's sixth anniversary, when, rather than posting thanks to the fans or new artwork, the site was simply updated with a note from the future recursively citing this citation and posting a video of the "nintendo s[BLEEP]tcube" review.

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• 12/12/12 09:49pm

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• 10/19/12 11:51am

Impossible. How does his chair NOT break? Actually, how is he even alive? Especially when it looks like he's drinking butter in a cup, lol.

CrystalMan • 01/30/09 01:34am

Isn't this a time paradox?

SailorSun [e-mail] • 08/26/08 08:29pm

Jesus Christ This Guy Needs A Salad A Whole Lot Less Donuts And Seriously Needs A Gym membership he Makes Porky Pig Seem Thin I mean God Even Jubba The Hut Looks like Calistia Flockheart My God

CoreyZawaski • 08/26/08 07:27am

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