Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1398: Crappebayo


[23:19] <SpeedRcrX> you know what f[BLEEP]k you dattebayo
[23:19] <SpeedRcrX> F[BLEEP]K you.
[23:20] <SpeedRcrX> Here I am all happy seeing Beach 184 come down on my RSS and it turns out to be some bulls[BLEEP]t rant about "la tasca" or something
[23:20] <SpeedRcrX> Wasting 170 megs out of my f[BLEEP]king download allowance (F[BLEEP]K YOU TOO ROGERS but that's another story) bncause you wanted to do another bulls[BLEEP]t prank
[23:20] <SpeedRcrX> you know something a[BLEEP]les?
[23:21] <SpeedRcrX> You ain't funny. You stopped being funny about the time you claimed one of you got shot at Otakon
[23:21] <SpeedRcrX> That's when you used up your funny points
[23:21] <SpeedRcrX> Yeah, you sub bleach. Yeah, I watch your subs. But now it' only because I'm unaware of any competition
[23:22] <SpeedRcrX> I ditched Lunar because they were f[BLEEP]king slow and worked real fast on other shows. while you guys subbed it fast, with no bulls[BLEEP]t
[23:22] <SpeedRcrX> But now there's mroe of this bulls[BLEEP]t
[23:22] <SpeedRcrX> It's like TV-Nihon and their Kingranger crap except you only occassionally push the buttons and see how much people will f[BLEEP]king take
[23:23] <SpeedRcrX> And yeah, I know you're probably laughing your asses off right now that I'm even taking time to rant about this s[BLEEP]t
[23:23] <SpeedRcrX> But mark this, f[BLEEP]kers
[23:23] <SpeedRcrX> I'm only attached to your digital teat until I can find another f[BLEEP]king group
[23:23] <SpeedRcrX> Then I'm done with your s[BLEEP]t
[23:23] <SpeedRcrX> I like to think I have a good sense of humour
[23:24] <SpeedRcrX> Btu god dammit you just keep making me want to hate you
[23:24] <SpeedRcrX> And I think I'm beginning to feel that hate
[23:24] <[gTV]Aya-chan!> Haruka-san, it's just a joke...
[23:24] <SpeedRcrX> It's one joke too many
[23:25] <SpeedRcrX> I f[BLEEP]king wanted to see Bleach. If there was no Bleach because of Golden Week or something, don't f[BLEEP]king put up a FAKE DOWNLOAD
[23:27] <SpeedRcrX> I swear to GOD.
[23:27] <// J_Daito //> yes?
[23:27] <SpeedRcrX> (you're not God, f[BLEEP]k off)

[23:36] <SpeedRcrX> THAT is for watshign my f[BLEEP]kign bandwidth on your s[BLEEP]t
[23:36] <SpeedRcrX> That is for me having to waste the time to make that s[BLEEP]t and twasting my time having to rant arout it
[23:36] <SpeedRcrX> ^About
[23:37] <SpeedRcrX> I hope you wake up int he middle of the night to the smiling face of Pedobear or some s[BLEEP]t
[23:37] <[gTV]Aya-chan!> Ara...
[23:37] <Crwn_FruT_Gamer> A bear... <_<
[23:37] <IrnChef_Jovian> Motoki-chan! NO!
[23:37] *** Thu Aug 14 2008 - LOGGING STOP ***


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• 11/17/12 10:53am

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• 11/14/12 11:21pm

They still do Naruto, Dooky. They're just trolling their users.

Also, this is why I don't like fansubbers. They start to feel too important to the 'community'. I'm looking at the list of trolls/fakesubs they did and... yeah. I never had to put up with that with TVN.

AMD • 08/15/08 02:56pm

Is this the same conversation we were having in 2005? Is it the same guy? Because if so... Wow. That's some persistence.

dooky • 08/15/08 02:14pm


LOL here we go again

'Ruka • 08/15/08 01:05pm

I don't watch any of the stuff they sub (which would be Bleach and Narut... oh, just Bleach then), but everything on their site gives the impression that they're a bunch of self-important arseholes. Makes me glad I'm not a Bleach fan, I can tell you...

dooky • 08/15/08 07:00am

GT does not have any episodes past GT episode 64, but after the goku jr special, there is another special that was only released in okinawa and kyoto about goku's return. It was in between the 100 year gap, he comes back 30 years after he left with shenlong. After that special, there are a series of GT movies that follow that second tv special. After that, there are movies after the 100 years about 25 to 30 years, then Z Ultimate was made.

Z Ultimate was the last one, and was abandoned by the small companies working under TOEI, so it never really came out. But, tapes were distributed illegaly in some parts of Okinawa and Kyoto.

DB, DBZ, and DBGT 1-64+Goku jr special was already planned to come out worldwide, after that was the cut off of distribution, plus, for the GT movies, (GTGT), they were poorly endorsed. You CANT find this in TOKYO because everything that comes out in tokyo we get, which is why it didn't come out over there. This stuff is about 7-8 years old, so whoever has it has it because only a limited supply was made, so if you do find it the price will be rediculous.

vince [e-mail] • 08/15/08 05:48am

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