Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1396: Obviously Hank Hill made an error

Obviously Hank Hill made an error

[23:30] *** Mon Aug 11 2008 - LOGGING START ***
[23:30] *** Topic is - It's Cloverfield but for Real -
[23:30] *** Set by [gTV]Red Crow on Mon Aug 11 23:30 2008

[23:30] <[gTV]Red Crow> Last night there was a huge propane explosion in Toronto, Canada.
[23:31] <[gTV]Red Crow> Amazingly, thanks to the internet, you can get many views of this devastating event live as it occured.
[23:31] <[gTV]Red Crow> I mean, just look at this:

[23:34] <[gTV]Red Crow> And a shot from the ground level, as it was happening:

[23:34] <[gTV]Red Crow> And a shot from a good distance away:

[23:35] <[gTV]Red Crow>:
“ While police couldn't immediately identify how many people would be affected by the evacuation request, census data of that part of Toronto suggests that there could be as many 12,500 people and 5,300 private dwellings in the one-mile area around the explosion. ”

[23:36] <SpeedRcrX> Holy s[BLEEP]t
[23:36] <SpeedRcrX> I'm in Toronto now
[23:36] <SpeedRcrX> Lucky that wasn't close to me
[23:36] <SpeedRcrX> that's not funny man
[23:36] <SpeedRcrX> That's really not funny
[23:37] <SpeedRcrX> Life is so uncertain
[23:37] * SpeedRcrX goes to hug Michiru
[23:38] *** SpeedRcrX [] has left #suburbansenshi (I'm glad for every moment of it)
[23:42] *** Mon Aug 11 2008 - LOGGING STOP ***


Remind me not to invite Haruka over to dinner when we are using his gas grill...

D-Train [e-mail] • 08/13/08 02:40am

Earlier this year, Haruka and Michiru left Japan for Canada because the Japanese were less-than-accepting of their marriage, so they are touring overseas for a while. Hino Rei is with them for a bit before she goes on a world trip, having never really gone beyond Tokyo all her life.

Explanation Fairy • 08/13/08 01:33am

Hey Ruka Why Are U In Toronto ??

Seyia [e-mail] • 08/12/08 06:05pm

Oh man, my family heard all about that on the news! It was practically cataclysmic! We live in Saskatchewan (yes, that IS a province) so we ended up spending the evening calling our Toronto relatives.

Fauna • 08/12/08 03:39pm

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