Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1394: Wide-Eyed Expose

Wide-eyed Expose

[11:19] <[gTV]Red Crow> Well this is a step back
[11:19] <SpeedRcrX> new handle?
[11:19] <[gTV]Red Crow> Eh, I figured why not
[11:19] <[gTV]Red Crow> I mean it's the internet
[11:20] <SpeedRcrX> LOL shouldn't that be "Lead Crow"?
[11:20] <[gTV]Red Crow> ... hey do you hear me b[BLEEP]ching about your handle, "Speed Racer X"
[11:20] <[gTV]Red Crow> My hair is red. The pun works :P
[11:20] <SpeedRcrX> LOL but everyone will think you're making an Engrish mistake
[11:21] <[gTV]Red Crow> You know I come here to relax and you start giving me crap about my handle
[11:21] <[gTV]Red Crow> I have no worries about what I'm going to do next
[11:21] <SpeedRcrX> Whoa Akane I'm just joking relax XD

[11:22] <SpeedRcrX> WHOA WTF
[11:22] <[gTV]Red Crow> Apparently girls can now get contact lenses that get them closer to the "Anime Look"
[11:23] <[gTV]Red Crow>:
“ These are no ordinary contacts - they're not only tinted, but tinted prominently in the extra-wide outer ring. The result is the appearance of a bigger, wider iris.

To quote the sales copy, "Wanna get big, watery shiny eyes without any surgery? CRAVE AND ENVY NO MORE!"

The extra-wide contact lenses are made by a variety of companies including Geo and Dueba, and cost in the $30-$50 per pair range. It seems they're not just cosmetic - send in your prescription and the lenses will be made to order. ”

[11:24] <SpeedRcrX> That is seriously f[BLEEP]ked up
[11:24] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> OH SHAT KARASAMA whar kan i gat dat sit
[11:25] <[gTV]Red Crow> here knock yourself out kid
[11:26] <SpeedRcrX> ... Crystal Collagen Breast Mask
[11:26] <SpeedRcrX> What
[11:26] <[gTV]Red Crow> Obviously it's what the kid here uses to give the impression she has some :P
[11:26] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> fak u
[11:26] <Reverend_H> Yo yo yo I could be the masked superhero "Breast Kamen"
[11:27] <[gTV]Red Crow> ... Where the hell did THAT come from
[11:27] <Reverend_H> The mask, yo
[11:28] <[gTV]Red Crow> But I mean, that's an exceptionally stupid thing to say, even for you
[11:28] <[gTV]Red Crow> Didn't you even think about what you said before you said it
[11:28] <Reverend_H> Yo yo da only way ta succeed in life is to just "do it" if you know wat i mean yo
[11:30] *** Nike Corporate Shill has joined #suburbansenshi
[11:30] <+Luna-P> y0 Nike Corporate Shill
[11:30] <Nike Corporate Shill> Mr. Hentai Elios, you've been served with a lawsuit for the missappropriation of our corporate motto.
[11:31] <[gTV]Red Crow> ... The "H" in "Helios" stands for "Hentai?"
[11:31] <SpeedRcrX> LOL like you couldn't have guessed that
[11:31] *** Sun Aug 10 2008 - LOGGING STOP ***

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