#138: “Where THE heck are THESE hits COMING from?”

Now, while I certainly don't MIND getting LOTS of hits to the BLOG, it's rather ODD that I've gone from 20 HITS a day to over 100...

Haruka, are you BRIBING unemployed YOUMA to hit REFRESH again?!

Hey, c'mon! Nobody says "refresh" better than a Dark Kingdom Youma!
I find that remark highly insultive. True, but insultive.


~~While I'm sure you like popularity, lets hope Google refreshes its index page soon. The page is here for us Suburban Senshi and Sailor Moon fans, not to have bandwith sucked by some passer-bys hoping for info on that "smoke2k" blog entry.

Jadeite 2 - The best General [e-mail] • 02/05/03 01:42am