Suburban Senshi iChat #1359: “Taking the hard Road”
#1359: “Taking the hard Road”

 Fri May 30 00:53 2008 - Logging Started (suburbansenshi-chat)

[00:53] <FireFly_9> I should be asleep, but I'm not
[00:53] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> how cum
[00:53] <FireFly_9> I just can't.
[00:53] <FireFly_9> * is listening to some techno in the background *
[00:54] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> I dadn't tank u likd dat kynd ov muzak
[00:54] <FireFly_9> It's not my usual cup of tea, no.
[00:56] <FireFly_9> But Papa listens to this Shoutcast stream when he programs sometimes, and I just turned it on.
[00:56] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> k
[00:56] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> bat y rnt u slappang
[00:56] <FireFly_9> Something about the music.
[00:57] <FireFly_9> It makes me feel small, tiny.
[00:57] <FireFly_9> Like when listening to a Bach Organ at full blast. One becomes subsumed by the music.
[00:57] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> ? ? ?
[00:57] <FireFly_9> You know that Rei-san is leaving on the 5th, yes?
[00:58] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> yas
[00:58] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> dat sux
[00:58] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> ray-chun's mai brest fend besydes u, horatru
[00:58] <FireFly_9> Well, she wants to go find herself.
[00:58] <FireFly_9> I know how she feels, somewhat.
[00:59] <FireFly_9> Papa / Haruka-poppa & Michiru-momma are well-to-do, I don't exactly need to go out and work.
[00:59] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> hshsh luki u
[00:59] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> mai moma's a dumazz
[00:59] <FireFly_9> Well you're going to inherit control of the planet you know.
[01:00] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> bich ho da fak wents DAT jov
[01:00] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> 2 mach paparwerk n ever1 watchang u
[01:00] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> u kant tak a sit withot sum1 loaking tat u
[01:00] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> fak dat sit
[01:00] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> y u tank i stey HEAR
[01:01] <FireFly_9> I was beginning to wonder that myself.
[01:01] <FireFly_9> Well with your mother and fater having come back to this time period, why dont you go find them?
[01:01] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> ...
[01:01] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> .....
[01:02] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> ROR ya RATE
[01:02] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> fak dat sit
[01:02] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> id radar werk mai azz of den gew lav wit dem agan
[01:02] <FireFly_9> Heh.
[01:03] <FireFly_9> I used to volunteer at the Tokyo Library.
[01:03] <FireFly_9> When I was smaller, I wanted to be a Nurse, to heal people.
[01:03] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> dew u stall went dat???
[01:03] <FireFly_9> I don't know.
[01:04] <FireFly_9> It stems from the fact that when I was... frailer than I am now, I truly did not want anyone else to go through that overwhelming misery.
[01:04] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> i ramamabar dat :<
[01:04] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> dose tymez sacked :<
[01:05] <FireFly_9> But, just like Rei-san... I've sat down for a long time...
[01:05] <FireFly_9> Unlike her, I didn't hide in school. I had control of my destiny.
[01:05] <FireFly_9> I still do.
[01:05] <FireFly_9> I just chose to relax, to enjoy the easy life, reading, pondering, staying here.
[01:06] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> U ned 2 gat ot moar
[01:07] <FireFly_9> Well..
[01:07] <FireFly_9> I look at Haruka-poppa. She's content to leach off Michiru-momma, and trades on her natural talents when she feels the urge to go out into the world.
[01:07] <FireFly_9> I am not a musician or a racer.
[01:08] <FireFly_9> I've never worked in my life. Not really.
[01:08] <FireFly_9> I don't have the experience of struggling to find a job. Of sweating and working myself to the bone to make ends meet.
[01:09] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> ror iasn't dat god??
[01:09] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> Iv u dewnt hav 2 werk, stey hom!!
[01:09] <FireFly_9> Mmm...
[01:09] <FireFly_9> * waves her hands around weakly *
[01:10] <FireFly_9> I want to contribute to the world. I don't want to rely on others for my daily bread.
[01:10] <FireFly_9> I mean, Papa is here... but... even with his abilities (and especially considering the things he meddles with) he might not be here forever.
[01:11] <FireFly_9> And I can't just impose on Haruka-poppa and Michiru-momma.
[01:11] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> hnn
[01:11] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> i'd kall 2 b in ur plase
[01:12] <FireFly_9> Chibiusa-chan... look at the world.
[01:12] <FireFly_9> Peak Oil is almost here. No one can deny it now. Crops are being diverted out of people's mouths to fuel machines. Starvation will become more of an issue.
[01:12] <FireFly_9> The center cannot hold...
[01:13] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> u tank tit wall be dat bad??/
[01:13] <FireFly_9> Yes.
[01:13] <FireFly_9> There will probably be a correction in a few decades, when alternative energy finally enters the mainstream, but...
[01:14] <FireFly_9> Our comfortable lifestyles are going to be taxed to their limits.
[01:14] <FireFly_9> I don't know how long we'll be able to just sit here like this and indulge ourselves.
[01:14] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> fak, u alweys mak mi worri u kno dat
[01:15] <FireFly_9> Heh, sorry :)
[01:15] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> XD
[01:15] <FireFly_9> But as I sit here watching what is possibly the beginning of a slide into hard times for the World...
[01:15] <FireFly_9> I realize that as a person I'm not ready.
[01:16] <FireFly_9> I have no "skills" per se that would let me be of use to someone else in an employment capacity.
[01:16] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> u hava dregree?
[01:17] <FireFly_9> I got through high school at Mugen.
[01:17] <FireFly_9> I didn't go further.
[01:17] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> ror dumass ur popa rans da skool
[01:17] <FireFly_9> Mugen at the higher levels is for people smarter than me :P
[01:18] <FireFly_9> I was only in it before because Poppa wanted to keep an eye on me.
[01:18] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> Ur nat stopid tho
[01:18] <FireFly_9> No, but remember, Mugen was established for the top 1% of the nation. I'm merely above average.
[01:19] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> Gong bak 2 skool??
[01:20] <FireFly_9> I'm 27...
[01:20] <FireFly_9> I know it's not odd to go back at that age... but I would like to just enter the workforce for a while.
[01:20] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> kan u tho
[01:20] <FireFly_9> I don't know.
[01:20] <FireFly_9> I just know I don't want to end up like this family:

[01:21] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> O_o hloy FAK men ur gona give mi nitemarezzz
[01:21] <FireFly_9> Heh.
[01:22] <FireFly_9> I don't know, Chibiusa-chan, if I were you, I might choose to run back to the future.
[01:22] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> ...
[01:22] <FireFly_9> Heh, don't mind me, I'm just overanalyzing.

     FireFly_9 is away 

[01:23] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> i wori abut u baka

 Fri May 30 01:23 2008 - Logging Stopped (suburbansenshi-chat)

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