Suburban Senshi iChat #1339: “Budokai 2k8: Makoto vs Professor Tomoe”
#1339: “Budokai 2k8: Makoto vs Professor Tomoe”


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• 01/24/12 07:24pm

wow, can you say raped?
that was amazing. using mugen for budokai is amazing. and demolishing germatoid with no super combos is amazing.

not-so-new-newbie • 04/19/08 12:43am

Makoto dominated that fight. Nice!

Solarchos [e-mail] • 04/16/08 10:23pm

LOL Germatoid as Twelve. Funny!

Nice Ginga TV thing on the stage

Souldier • 04/16/08 05:31pm

Did Tomoe even get Makoto down with a blow at all? If he did, I must have missed it as Makoto ruled that match!

D-Train [e-mail] • 04/16/08 03:01am

Looks like the Professor has been spending too much time on his candidate in the US election and not enough time training. ^_^

Raihosha [e-mail] • 04/15/08 12:23pm

All I can say is... How appropriate is it that you're using the Mugen platform!?! XD
Good Job Jupiter and Dr.X!

Mavs • 04/15/08 05:31am

Wow, Makoto either has some unresolved issues or she really wants to impress Ami. XD

Ari Leroux [e-mail] • 04/15/08 05:05am

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