Suburban Senshi iChat #1314: “Winrars do the funky Optimus”
#1314: “Winrars do the funky Optimus”

 Thu Feb 28 17:27 2008 - Logging Started (suburbansenshi-chat)

[17:27] <@S.X. Aino> Hoo boy I've got a neat bit of 70's nostalgia today:
[17:28] <@S.X. Aino> William Shatner saved the life of "Oddjob" the famous James Bond Villain!
[17:29] <@S.X. Aino> Page 1, Page 2
[17:29] <Mizunomics01> They need to put him in the new Star Trek
[17:30] <Mizunomics01> Star Trek without Shatner is table salt without chloride.
[17:30] <// J_Daito //> That is so poetic.

// J_Daito // pasted:
The Samurai sword is a powerful icon in the history of Japan, used for fighting off invading enemies, and known for representing the soul of the Samurai.
[23:04] <@S.X. Aino> * nods profoundly, patting Arataka, which rests on her side in its sheath *
[23:04] <// J_Daito //> ...and now you can use it to clean out your earwax.
[23:04] <@S.X. Aino> you can whaaa?
[23:05] <// J_Daito //> Have a look
[23:05] <@S.X. Aino> That's just... unhygenic.
[00:32] <@SpeedRcrX> Well I have the ULTIMATE in Hygenic
[00:33] <@SpeedRcrX> Behold!
[00:33] <Reverend_H> ... I gots ta get me a WII, yo!

[22:49] <@SpeedRcrX> Optimus dances!
[22:53] <IrnChef_Jovian> I beat that with Iron Man Trailer II!
[00:28] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> I have the ultimate!!

[00:29] <=^catablanca^=>
[00:29] <@SpeedRcrX> You win this round Minako-chan
[00:29] <@SpeedRcrX> you win this round
[00:29] <@SpeedRcrX> But when Cleveland gets his own spinoff from Family Guy...
[00:29] <@SpeedRcrX> we will all be winner
[00:29] <@SpeedRcrX> s
[00:29] <@SpeedRcrX> F[BLEEP]k

 Sat Mar 01 00:29 2008 - Logging Stopped (suburbansenshi-chat)

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