Suburban Senshi iChat #1311: “Why bad RPers Suck”
#1311: “Why bad RPers Suck”

 Fri Feb 22 11:19 2008 - Logging Started (suburbansenshi-chat)

[11:19] <flame_SNIPER> I feel like my childhood has been horribly folded, spindled and mutilated.
[11:20] <Mizunomics01> I see Rei-chan has heard about the new 3D Smurfs movie...
[11:20] <flame_SNIPER> What?! No. God
[11:20] <flame_SNIPER> * sighs *
[11:21] <flame_SNIPER> You know, there are characters you grow up with, that are so iconic, so beloved, and then someone comes around and f[BLEEP]ks them up
[11:21] <Mizunomics01> Ahh, reflecting on the time you first found out what Haruka-san and Michiru-san were *really* like?
[11:21] <flame_SNIPER> ...No
[11:22] <flame_SNIPER> I mean, they're just like us, right? A polite, public side we show the world, and then the "warts and all" side we just have in private.
[11:22] <flame_SNIPER> I'm talking about full-on character assassination.
[11:23] <Mizunomics01> Explain?
[11:24] <flame_SNIPER> This is going to sound geeky of me, but as a kid I liked this really niche Sci-Fi show called "Quark."
[11:25] <Mizunomics01> I don't believe I've ever heard of it...
[11:25] <flame_SNIPER> It didn't run very long..
[11:26] <Mizunomics01> * checks the Mercury Computer *
[11:26] <Mizunomics01> Ahh, This Show
[11:26] <flame_SNIPER> Yeah.
[11:26] <flame_SNIPER> I *loved* it. It was an AWESOME show.
[11:27] <flame_SNIPER> Then people in the LARP we have over at T*A started playing those characters.
[11:27] <flame_SNIPER> At first I was SO HAPPY, you know, because it was a case of "WOW! I get to hang out with these awesome characters I grew up watching!"
[11:27] <Mizunomics01> What happened?
[11:29] <flame_SNIPER> Well, the players behind the characters started acting like ba[BLEEP]rds. Going Out Of Character just enough to justify things like "hot steamy sauna dates with the hot girl playing the chick from Underworld"
[11:30] <flame_SNIPER> At first I could overlook it, but then it just got worse and worse
[11:31] <flame_SNIPER> I won't go into how bad it got, but let's just say the characters eventually got bent so far out of shape you couldn't even see where their origins had come from.
[11:32] <flame_SNIPER> I mean, if you treat our Haruka-san as a character for a minute, yeah, she's rough, and rude, and likes Wrestling and what not, but she's always been a tomboy of the highest order. You could imagine that a tomboy like that would like those kinds of things in private.
[11:34] <flame_SNIPER> Finding out that Captain Quark routinely changed into a boy-loving infant who nursed on Ficus' magically generated teat on the other hand... is kinda a long stretch.
[11:34] <Mizunomics01> I wish I had context for what you're saying.
[11:35] <flame_SNIPER> Okay, fine. Imagine it was the cast of Star Trek and suddenly Chekov declares he likes the company of small boys and then proceeds to get it on with Spock after becoming Spock's baby for a while.
[11:35] <Mizunomics01> Rei-chan, I think you've damaged my mind rather badly.
[11:35] <flame_SNIPER> Yeah.
[11:35] <flame_SNIPER> YEAH.
[11:35] <flame_SNIPER> See that's the problem.
[11:36] <flame_SNIPER> Now I hate these characters.
[11:36] <flame_SNIPER> I *hate* them.
[11:36] <flame_SNIPER> Because every time I see these f[BLEEP]king LARPers, I see nothing but the sick, twisted parodies of what USED to be my comedy heroes.
[11:37] <flame_SNIPER> I look at my DVDs and I can't stand to watch them anymore.
[11:37] <flame_SNIPER> Unlike GOOD LARPers or Fic writers who add depth to the characters that are already there, or take them in new, interesting ideas, these s[BLEEP]ts just desecrated my childhood.
[11:37] <flame_SNIPER> and now I just want to burn my DVDs.
[11:38] <Mizunomics01> Well, you *can* use "Fire Soul" on them. (The DVDs, I mean, not the LARPers)
[11:38] <flame_SNIPER> Gneh.
[11:38] <flame_SNIPER> It SUCKS, Ami-chan.
[11:39] <flame_SNIPER> It sucks that my fond, AWESOME memories are constantly being s[BLEEP]t on just because some Horny LARPers feel the need to get unspeakable perverse.
[11:39] <flame_SNIPER> ^unspeakably, god I can't even *type*.
[11:40] <Mizunomics01> It's all right, Rei-chan... maybe you just need to watch the DVDs again and remember how things should be.
[11:40] <Mizunomics01> Just ignore the LARPers.
[11:40] <flame_SNIPER> But it's one of those things that once seen can't be *unseen*, you know?
[11:41] <flame_SNIPER> They have taken my favorite characters and utterly destroyed them.
[11:42] <flame_SNIPER> It's like... If you want to play Caligula, play it AS Caligula, not "Lt. Uhura succumbs to the wiles of Commodore Decker in the Arboretum while half the crew watches them get it on"
[11:42] <Mizunomics01> But honestly, isn't it just a vent for inner repressed desires on the part of the LARPers? Isn't it a healthy release?
[11:43] <flame_SNIPER> It's like some Bukkake artist decided to "healthily release" his goopy CRAP all over my childhood is what it is.
[11:43] <Mizunomics01> ...That is an unnerving metaphor.
[11:43] <flame_SNIPER> It's a f[BLEEP]king unnerving problem.
[11:44] <flame_SNIPER> Sorry for being profane, but GOD it makes me ANGRY.
[11:44] <flame_SNIPER> It's gotten to the point where I can literally no longer look back at the beloved characters of my youth and see them as they were.
[11:44] <flame_SNIPER> I hate them now.
[11:44] <flame_SNIPER> All because of some jerks.
[11:45] <flame_SNIPER> and I hate myself for hating them because I should be able to make the mental separation between the original characters and the s[BLEEP]tty remakes.
[11:45] <Mizunomics01> All I can say is this--
[11:46] <Mizunomics01> If you place them side-by-side, you can see the extent of the digression.
[11:46] <Mizunomics01> Any neutral third party will see how badly disserved the characters have been.
[11:47] <Mizunomics01> Your favorite characters aren't ruined, Rei-chan.
[11:47] <Mizunomics01> Your LARPers are .00000000001% of the population, with no way of imposing their vision on anyone other than anyone in immediate view.
[11:48] <Mizunomics01> And if they every *tried* it, they'd be laughed out of town.
[11:48] <Mizunomics01> Your characters are safe.
[11:48] <flame_SNIPER> But... after what I've seen
[11:49] <Mizunomics01> You're too emotional about this. You are like Hotaru-chan, who tends to become incredibly violent when presented with "Chibiusa X Hotaru Pink Gothic Love" fanfiction on the internet.
[11:49] <flame_SNIPER> GOD don't GET me started on the people who Cosplay ME.
[11:50] <flame_SNIPER> There are good ones who do me credit, and then those I just want to POP in the MOUTH.
[11:50] <Mizunomics01> v_v
[11:50] <Mizunomics01> Rei-chan, you are quite hot-blooded.
[11:50] <flame_SNIPER> Is that a pun or something
[11:51] <Mizunomics01> No
[11:51] <Mizunomics01> All I am saying is that at the end of the day, history will look back on these people who distress you so, and judge them as ultimately irrelevant.
[11:52] <Mizunomics01> They use the guise of your beloved Childhood icons carelessly, without regard for the damage they do.
[11:53] <Mizunomics01> It's like a man in a clown suit who takes a small child on his knee for inappropriate reasons, not realizing he still has the suit on, and has just damaged the reputation of all clowns.
[11:53] <flame_SNIPER> I don't get it
[11:53] <Mizunomics01> Well...
[11:53] <Mizunomics01> look.
[11:54] <Mizunomics01> Someone, let's say, pens a Sailor Mars Fanfiction, detailing your inner struggle with your feelings for Mamoru-san versus your loyalty to Usagi-chan.
[11:54] <flame_SNIPER> I have issues with this premise, but OK
[11:55] <Mizunomics01> They do it as an honest character piece. It has worth. It will be remembered.
[11:55] <Mizunomics01> Or someone does a comedy fiction about Haruka's misadventures at a Sports store. It's a funny parody and will be remembered as such, as a fun time with Haruka.
[11:56] <Mizunomics01> Then you have someone who just does cosplay pornography dressed as Setsuna-san.
[11:56] <Mizunomics01> It's more about the Pornography than it is about Setsuna-san. In that case the character is simply a meaningless window-dressing and will be remembered as such.
[11:58] <Mizunomics01> Those, then, are your LARPers. They could be dressed as _anyone_ and it would make no difference.
[11:58] <flame_SNIPER> I guess...
[11:59] <flame_SNIPER> I just don't like it
[11:59] <Mizunomics01> Let it go, Rei-chan.
[11:59] <Mizunomics01> Put things into their proper perspective and you'll see it doesn't matter. They don't matter.
[11:59] <flame_SNIPER> * mumbles *
[12:00] <Mizunomics01> Let's go get some ice cream
[12:00] <flame_SNIPER> Okay, okay

 flame_SNIPER is away: I'm tired of thinking of them anyway

 Fri Feb 22 12:00 2008 - Logging Stopped (suburbansenshi-chat)

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