#129: “Fascinating.”

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<FireFly_9> Have you all noticed that over the past few weeks the number of Child Pornography related charges, arrests and insinuations is going up? First it was that musician, then that rapper, then Scott Ritter (the former weapons inspector), and now apparently half of the British Government...
<FireFly_9> And most of this information reaches the media via "leaks" as opposed to official channels...
<FireFly_9> Not that I'm suggesting a dark hand at work here (perhaps I am?), but it occurs to me that the fastest, most effective way to sully a person's reputation is to brand him a pedophile. Even prisoners hate them. (So do I, for that matter). Does anyone remember the first episode of Blake's 7 where Blake, the freedom fighter, has his credibility broken by the evil Federation via a false child molestation charge?
<FireFly_9> That may have been fiction, but I assure you the real public's mind works in just about the same fashion. All I'm trying to note here, however, is that all of a sudden a rash of these cases is suddenly making their way into the public eye and I find that interesting, especially considering who some of the affected people are and the roles they play in the world.
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