Suburban Senshi iChat #1274: “Staring into her Facebook ”
#1274: “Staring into her Facebook ”

 Mon Dec 03 08:12 2007 - Logging Started (suburbansenshi-chat)

FireFly_9> Heh, so it looks like Facebook's violations of user privacy are worse than previously suspected.
flame_SNIPER> ...

 flame_SNIPER deletes her page

Reverend_H> NO MAN how am I supposed Cyber-stalk I mean keep up with your life, yo?
flame_SNIPER> Send me an e-mail or IM
@SpeedRcrX> Man I'm glad I got over that whole MySpace bullshti thing early
flame_SNIPER> Haruka-san had a myspace?
@SpeedRcrX> Yeah, when it first came out.
@SpeedRcrX> It was cool, I mean I found a few people online I'd lost touch with, like Haruna, and my whacked out buddies Ginga Seijuurou and Ginga Natsumi
FireFly_9> ... those names don't sound real.
@SpeedRcrX> No man they were insane, They had the most day-glo 80's punk hairdoes, and like UV-reactant facepaint on their faces, they were ravers before that whole subculture took off
flame_SNIPER> ...
flame_SNIPER> Haruka-san, those were aliens.
@SpeedRcrX> Yeah that's what they said, man they did some hard s[BLEEP]t back in the day, you could tell.
flame_SNIPER> No, they were really aliens.
@SpeedRcrX> They even said they had a giant tree in their apartment, and it was Magic
@SpeedRcrX> (I was half tempted to try their stuff, but Michi would have killed me)
@SpeedRcrX> You know, that's what Natsumi said that one time I got her drunk, too
flame_SNIPER> ...I give up
Crwn_FruT_Gamer> GOD DAMMIT
Crwn_FruT_Gamer> GOD DAMMIT
@SpeedRcrX> 'Sup, Mo?
Crwn_FruT_Gamer> So I'm playing on Furcadia
@SpeedRcrX> Whoa, okay, stop right there, we don't need to hear any more.
Crwn_FruT_Gamer> look just listen
FireFly_9> You ever notice how Haruka-poppa and Motoki-san look alike?
@SpeedRcrX> SHUT UP
@SpeedRcrX> I mean... continue, Mo
Crwn_FruT_Gamer> So I made myself a level 3 Turtlebeast
Crwn_FruT_Gamer> and then after I won a game I got boosted to level 15
@SpeedRcrX> Sorry to interrupt but I just read this
@SpeedRcrX> "It is with great pleasure that I announce that Rob Louisell is and has been officially involved with the new Knight Rider NBC Universal Project."
@SpeedRcrX> "Rob was contacted by George Barris after seeing Rob's work in Little Rock to provide a full interior package for use. That being said, filming of these parts has already taken place and no indication as to how they were used in conjunction with the story is available. I am sure there is to be more involvement with the Barris camp as well. KITT LIVES. Now.. Rob's parts are 100% part of the Knight Rider history. They are now 100% accurately described as being screen used. "
@SpeedRcrX> He's a KITT total conversion guy
@SpeedRcrX> So there's a 80' style KITT somewhere~!
@SpeedRcrX> The thread
Crwn_FruT_Gamer> So anyway now Bulbasaur the Racoon won't stop staring at my levels
@SpeedRcrX> ...

 @SpeedRcrX is away: I got work to do

flame_SNIPER> Yeah, later Motoki-san

 flame_SNIPER is away: school

Reverend_H> Yeah I gotta go too man
Crwn_FruT_Gamer> Elios...
Reverend_H> Yo you better stop that s[BLEEP]t
Crwn_FruT_Gamer> Turn into a Pegasus for me and let me ride you

 Reverend_H has signed off (Hells NAW)

 Crwn_FruT_Gamer is away: Kamekichi will you soothe my pain

=^catablanca^=> See this is why I *lurk* these days

 Mon Dec 03 09:07 2007 - Logging Stopped (suburbansenshi-chat)

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