Suburban Senshi iChat #1267: “Cat vs Fish”
#1267: “Cat vs Fish”

 Thu Nov 22 01:18 2007 - Logging Started (suburbansenshi-chat)

FireFly_9> You know, I was watching one of Minako-senpai'home videos last night and it was utterly mesmerizing.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> ...hentaiyaro
FireFly_9> ... what?
FireFly_9> The one with Artemis and the crawfish you bought at the store!
[gTV] C'est_la_V> ...OH! AHAHAHAHAAHAH ^_^;
FireFly_9> Wait what did you think I was talking about?
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Nothing! Urusai!!
@SpeedRcrX> Wait what's this about Arty and a crawfish?
FireFly_9> Artemis, Luna (a puppy Artemis had a crush on years ago) and a crawfish in a room together. It was so odd seeing two creatures from such vastyl different milieus interact.

[gTV] C'est_la_V> OH THAT Video...
[gTV] C'est_la_V> That's SO ollld~
@SpeedRcrX> The F[BLEEP]K Neko, what makes you think "hay let's put a CRAWFISH next to a CAT"
[gTV] C'est_la_V> I wanted to see if he would eat the crawfish
[gTV] C'est_la_V> I was tryign to train Artemis to catch and eat roaches
[gTV] C'est_la_V> I figured if I started with a large roach-like looking thing and then worked smaller
@SpeedRcrX> ... DUDE.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> WHAT!? I hate ROACHES!!
@SpeedRcrX> But it could have snapped his nose or something!
[gTV] C'est_la_V> If my guardian cat couldn't defeat a crawfish he wasn't worthy of being my guardian cat!!
FireFly_9> So how did it end up?
[gTV] C'est_la_V> It was a draw. Mama stepped on the crawfish by accident and scolded me for letting our dinner go
FireFly_9> Good lord.

 Thu Nov 22 01:25 2007 - Logging Stopped (suburbansenshi-chat)


The music gets stuck in your head easily.

Ari Leroux [e-mail] • 11/24/07 05:35am

The Music is like Azumanga Daioh does the Imperial Stormtroopers march.

Bucket [e-mail] • 11/23/07 02:33am

The music is infuriatingly adorable.

Yaijinden • 11/22/07 05:12pm

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