Suburban Senshi iChat #1266: “SSJ9 Nutritional Values ”
#1266: “SSJ9 Nutritional Values ”

 Thu Nov 15 10:48 2007 - Logging Started (suburbansenshi-chat)

@SpeedRcrX> Man so I was in the kitchen this morning and I decided to eat some of Hotaru's fiber cereal
// J_Daito //> Haha sucker
flame_SNIPER> Isn't fiber cereal supposed to be good for you?
@SpeedRcrX> Man look at this s[BLEEP]t:

@SpeedRcrX> I couldn't tell if that was hamster food or hamster droppings
@SpeedRcrX> And I figured "wow that s[BLEEP]t looks small and insubstantial, so I better fill the bowl."
@SpeedRcrX> BIG mistake.
flame_SNIPER> ...oh boy.
@SpeedRcrX> So I'm sitting there, and with the first bite I was amazed.
flame_SNIPER> did it taste good?
@SpeedRcrX> It tasted exactly like what I expected it to taste like.
@SpeedRcrX> i.e. cardboard
flame_SNIPER> ...How would you know what cardboard tastes like, Haruka-san?
@SpeedRcrX> I had a vastly misspent youth
@SpeedRcrX> So anyway
@SpeedRcrX> and it was as tough as cardboard too
@SpeedRcrX> I mean this s[BLEEP]t was a f[BLEEP]king meditative meal, Rei-chan.
@SpeedRcrX> I normally tear through breakfast guzzling my food without properly chewing.
Mizunomics01> You should always spend a good deal of time in Mastication, Haruka-san.
Mizunomics01> Failure to Masticate can have severe consequences.
@SpeedRcrX> I heard that s[BLEEP]t makes you blind, Ami-chan?
Mizunomics01> ...
flame_SNIPER> Oh god.
@SpeedRcrX> But yeah it took me like 20 mins to eat that s[BLEEP]t whereas it usally takes 5
// J_Daito //> You're always eating Kaioh's s[BLEEP]t, so how is this any different?
// J_Daito //> I meant her cooking.
flame_SNIPER> OH
flame_SNIPER> Of course
flame_SNIPER> That's what I meant

 flame_SNIPER is away: eheheh

[gTV] Karasuma_Akane> Yo Haruka
@SpeedRcrX> Yo Crow whaddya know
[gTV] Karasuma_Akane> ... Do that again and I'll punch you in the face.
[gTV] Karasuma_Akane> I'm not reporting the news anymore since Ginga's on strike, but I ahve a tidbit you might be interested in, concerning the Dragonball live movie (the new one).
@SpeedRcrX> Oh yeah?
[gTV] Karasuma_Akane> According to The Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie helmed by James Wong has a tentative release date of August 15, 2008 and has also been cast. Goku will be played by Justin Chatwin, Piccolo by James Marsters of Buffy / Angel fame.
@SpeedRcrX> ...Whoa.
// J_Daito //> Aren't they filming that in Mexico
// J_Daito //> Doesn't that imply a low budget?
@SpeedRcrX> I heard this would focus more on the fighting and not the super powers of Z.
@SpeedRcrX> Besides, they probably just want a standin for the convenient canyons that litter the Dragonball world.
[gTV] Karasuma_Akane> I got one of the scabs in A/V to do up a quick simulation of the new goku minus crazy hair

@SpeedRcrX> ... man
@SpeedRcrX> He's got the facial structure for it, but can he fight?
@SpeedRcrX> Oh crap
@SpeedRcrX> I feel so bloated from this fiber
// J_Daito //> Well look at it this way Ten'ou
// J_Daito //> You've discovered the perfect way to bring the role to the DB actors, they can tank up on fiber and dub in the constipated screams from when they're trapped on the toilet for hours.
@SpeedRcrX> F[BLEEP]ker you better watch out before I go SSJ9 on your ass
// J_Daito //> If you go SSJ9 I don't want to SMELL what will be coming out of your ass

 Thu Nov 15 11:15 2007 - Logging Stopped (suburbansenshi-chat)

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