Suburban Senshi iChat #1261: “WWE Cyber Sunday: PPV of Pocketbook Pain”
#1261: “WWE Cyber Sunday: PPV of Pocketbook Pain”

 Sun Oct 28 23:31 2007 - Logging Started (suburbansenshi-chat)

@SpeedRcrX> Man I want my money back
// J_Daito //> Still on about the bootleg Devastator?
@SpeedRcrX> no f[BLEEP]k that man, the WWE Cyber Sunday PPV
@SpeedRcrX> I paid for that s[BLEEP]t, and it was the most boring s[BLEEP]t ever, except for the last match
@SpeedRcrX> Taker jobbed clean to Batista. That impressed the f[BLEEP]k out of me.
@SpeedRcrX> But the FANS voting for a STREET fight between Cripple H and Umaga? No way I'm buying that s[BLEEP]t. And MIXY or whatever the f[BLEEP]k his name is against the CM punk for the ECW title!? COME ON!! When you have VISCERA there?
// J_Daito //> This just proves that a) the Electorate is stupid and b) Democracy simply doesn't work.
@SpeedRcrX> WHO THE F[BLEEP]K PASSES UP A STEEL CAGE FOR A STREETFIGHT MATCH when you know WWE doesn't do s[BLEEP]t with their streetfights anymore since the end of the Hardcore belt
// J_Daito //> Are you implying the vote was rigged?
@SpeedRcrX> Man It has to be, there's no way the fans are that lame.
@SpeedRcrX> The only vote I believed was Stone Cold winning for referee of the last match.
@SpeedRcrX> And the first match was set up in such a way that no matter the outcome of the vote, it sould have been run the same way with only the exception of the finish.
@SpeedRcrX> And it was boring as f[BLEEP]k.
@SpeedRcrX> His feud with Rey Mysterio has all the attraction of watching paint dry.
@SpeedRcrX> I mean talk about a f[BLEEP]king mismatch
@SpeedRcrX> And OOH the special weapon is a Shelale~ f[BLEEP]k me
@SpeedRcrX> What the f[BLEEP]k IS THAT anyway
// J_Daito //> I don't even know what you're talking about
@SpeedRcrX> I cant' even f[BLEEP]king spell it so I'm not going to try
@SpeedRcrX> And the DIVA costume contest... UGH, I have to admit victoria as a Sumo and whoever cosplayed as Britney Spears was funny
@SpeedRcrX> I mean I am glad they didn't waste time on giving them a match
@SpeedRcrX> The Women's division is a f[BLEEP]king joke that relies too much on looks now and not skill.
// J_Daito //> I thought the whole Benoit thing soured you on WWE.
@SpeedRcrX> I f[BLEEP]king suck.
@SpeedRcrX> I'm one of their drones.
@SpeedRcrX> Well no..
@SpeedRcrX> PRO WRESTLING has me, not them.
@SpeedRcrX> I appreciate the art of it, just not how far the companies push the artists.
@SpeedRcrX> I'm still hoping s[BLEEP]t will change
@SpeedRcrX> BUT WWE
@SpeedRcrX> Last night's PPV sucked ASS. Only the last match was any good.
@SpeedRcrX> I want my money back
// J_Daito //> hahaha remember the beginning to Aqua Teen Hunger Force?
// J_Daito //> Where the snacks go "It's too late, we have your money?"
@SpeedRcrX> God I f[BLEEP]king hated that movie too. I made it 45 mins in and just gave up
@SpeedRcrX> And I usually like the show so that surprised me
// J_Daito //> Well they have your money now, b[BLEEP]ch
@SpeedRcrX> F[BLEEP]k

 Sun Oct 28 23:46 2007 - Logging Stopped (suburbansenshi-chat)


Hey Haruka...the events were indeed fixed and the votes rigged. And guess who had final say in the match-ups?

Vince Macmahon! Do you honestly think that egomaniac would allow other people NOT under his control influence his matches? I think the only person who's got any real autonomy is Steve Austin. Everyone else is just a drone.

Solarchos [e-mail] • 10/29/07 10:46pm

shillelagh is an Irish Walking stick, used as a cudgel in Irish forms of Stick fighting. Traditionally made of Oak, it has come, through marketing by the English, to be associated with Blackthorn. This is your weapon lesson for the day. ^_^

Raihosha • 10/29/07 08:04pm

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