Suburban Senshi iChat #1260: “Rei's Review: Superman: Doomsday DVD (Spoilers)”
#1260: “Rei's Review: Superman: Doomsday DVD (Spoilers)”

 Sat Oct 27 19:22 2007 - Logging Started (suburbansenshi-chat)

flame_SNIPER> Mako-chan bought me a copy of the new animated Superman DVD, the one dealing with his fight with Doomsday
@SpeedRcrX> How was it?
flame_SNIPER> S[BLEEP]t.
@SpeedRcrX> ... That bad?
flame_SNIPER> First of all, everyone was off-model from the Superman animated TV show. The voices were different-- but you know what, that's FINE. Because I don't want to count this crapfest of an OVA as part of its continuity

flame_SNIPER> As you can see Superman now has dents in his face for some reason

flame_SNIPER> Lex looks like his head was rammed into a vise and pulled
@SpeedRcrX> Ouch

flame_SNIPER> Mercy just looks... omg.

flame_SNIPER> And doomsday just looks... pathetic.
flame_SNIPER> But forget the looks.
flame_SNIPER> The plot is a JOKE.
flame_SNIPER> If you've ever read the comics, you know that Doomday plowed though a TON of superheros.
flame_SNIPER> We just see him quickly plow through some workers and the city of metropolis.
flame_SNIPER> then Superman fights him, but he's too strong, so Superman bodyslams him from orbit and he dies.
@SpeedRcrX> ....
@SpeedRcrX> Supes or Doomsday
flame_SNIPER> Both
@SpeedRcrX> The f[BLEEP]k
flame_SNIPER> Yeah.
flame_SNIPER> THEN. Five minutes later, Superman is back.
flame_SNIPER> But oh wait, he's a clone.
flame_SNIPER> Nothing so cool.
flame_SNIPER> Luthor took a drop of blood that superman spit out and made a clone of him with it.
flame_SNIPER> And apparently he has unrequited Yaoi love for Superman.

flame_SNIPER> (click that to hear what I mean)
@SpeedRcrX> What the hell is THAT Luthor's new voice?!!
flame_SNIPER> Yeah.
flame_SNIPER> So anyway, Superman's pet robot steals his body back from Luthor and decides that "Human death does not apply" to him, his body just slowed down so he could heal ::rollseyes::
@SpeedRcrX> F[BLEEP]k that s[BLEEP]t, the comics stated explicitly he DIED
flame_SNIPER> Yeah so then Superman beats up on his clone who turns out to be a good guy too, and the clone dies and people INSTANTLY love Superman again.
flame_SNIPER> they even BLATANTLY SAY IT.

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@SpeedRcrX> *facepalm*
flame_SNIPER> Basically Doomsday was just used as a cheap gimmick to get Superman to fight his clone. His powers aren't explored, nor his origins, I don't even remember if they even gave him a damn name. It was a stupid cash-in movie that tried to be all adult like Mask of the Phantasm but just sucked.
flame_SNIPER> *hugs her Death of Superman TPB*
flame_SNIPER> Oh and just because they could, they shot Mercy in the head.
@SpeedRcrX> .
flame_SNIPER> But in all fairness, given her s[BLEEP]tty redesign I think they did her a favor.

flame_SNIPER> On the left is a cheap attempt to evoke the awesome of the right.

@SpeedRcrX> I thought Superman's Kryptonian DNA made it impossible for him to be cloned completely right?
flame_SNIPER> The movie doesn't care, why should we
flame_SNIPER> I'm just glad Mako-chan paid for this piece of crap and not me

 flame_SNIPER has signed off (I need sake)

@SpeedRcrX> That is one pissed off comics fan

 Sat Oct 27 20:15 2007 - Logging Stopped (suburbansenshi-chat)

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