Suburban Senshi iChat #1259: “Devastated!”
#1259: “Devastated!”

 Thu Oct 25 09:42 2007 - Logging Started (suburbansenshi-chat)

> Oh man oh man oh man oh man!
@SpeedRcrX> Oh man oh man oh man oh man!
FireFly_9> what idd it
@SpeedRcrX> LOL Hotaru Typoed
FireFly_9> be quiet my head hurs i think its my dinus be glad i;m her at all
@SpeedRcrX> DUDE
@SpeedRcrX> I was at the store yesterday and I saw the MOST RIGHTEOUS thing EVAR
FireFly_9> 'hio ghotaru how r u i'm sory to hear ur sick'
@SpeedRcrX> NO MAN
@SpeedRcrX> I'll tell you what's SICK
FireFly_9> be?
@SpeedRcrX> I found a bootleg of Devastator, you know, the combining robot from Transformers? For only ¥1051
FireFly_9> thabpts' greft
@SpeedRcrX> DAMN right it's great, check it out!

FireFly_9> kind of blurty
@SpeedRcrX> Man my hands are trembling with EXCITEMENT over this of course it's blurry
@SpeedRcrX> I always wanted one f fthese as a kid, but could never afford all the pieces, so now I have them! This will ROCK!
@SpeedRcrX> *opens the package and starts to dissasemble devastator to make the six decepticons
FireFly_9> hage fun with that

 @SpeedRcrX has signed off (Connection Reset by Beer)

FireFly_9> whut happen dharuka-poppa
Mdm_Maestro> Hotaru-chan, you should really get some rest.
FireFly_9> I know but whaf happenaded to haruka-poppa
Mdm_Maestro> Oh, she broke her toy, dear.
FireFly_9> Brok?
Mdm_Maestro> Yes, and unlike other times, she was actually being careful.
Mdm_Maestro> But it seems the construction of the bootleg was SO inherently fragile that just tryign to grab it caused vital pieces to snap off
Mdm_Maestro> * is reminded of her night with Mamoru-san
FireFly_9> uhg
Mdm_Maestro> So she is in a corner, crying, cuddling the snapped part remains of her bargain-basement toy that wasn't worth the plastic it was badly molded out of.
FireFly_9> por haruka popa
Mdm_Maestro> It's like watching a signing Gorilla quiver in a corner, pitifully hanging on to the plush that is all that remains of her beloved pet that was flattened by a bus.
Mdm_Maestro> The bots are lying there, even now, so disarrayed. It's really quite pathetic. Let me take a picture.

FireFly_9> thatfy so sad
Mdm_Maestro> Yes, she's crying about how she should have just put it on eBay while it was still sealed in its package and made a mint.
FireFly_9> wuldnt that deamage her reputashun
Mdm_Maestro> Reputation? Hah
Mdm_Maestro> Let me show you her "reputation."

FireFly_9> why am i not surpsed

 Thu Oct 25 10:16 2007 - Logging Stopped (suburbansenshi-chat)


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• 01/24/12 07:26pm

Heh, I used to have Devastator a long time ago. And I know this is Haruka we're talking about here but Devastator doesn't look nearly as devastated to me as it apparently does to her. Maybe she's drunk off her ass again.

Solarchos [e-mail] • 10/25/07 08:53pm

Never trust a bootleg...

D-Train [e-mail] • 10/25/07 04:55pm

...I do believe that Haruka had it coming.

~*Crimson Butterfly*~ [e-mail] • 10/25/07 03:18pm

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