Suburban Senshi iChat #1251: “Bittersweet Memories”
#1251: “Bittersweet Memories”

 Tue Oct 02 06:42 2007 - Logging Started (suburbansenshi-chat)

IrnChef_Jovian> *sighs*
[gTV] C'est_la_V> What's wrong, Mako-chan??
IrnChef_Jovian> *counts back slowly...*
IrnChef_Jovian> 2007...
IrnChef_Jovian> 1985...
IrnChef_Jovian> It's been 22 years since that plane crash...
[gTV] C'est_la_V> *nods softly, realizing what Mako-chan is talking about*
IrnChef_Jovian> All this time, most of my family's things were left back home in Osaka, because there was no room to bring them down to the apartment in Tokyo, y'know?
IrnChef_Jovian> My uncle was taking care of stuff, but now he wants to move.
IrnChef_Jovian> So I had to go up there this weekend, and sort things out.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Are you okay??
IrnChef_Jovian> I dunno
IrnChef_Jovian> After my parents... well, he didn't touch anything, saying it was all my inheritance.
IrnChef_Jovian> in '99 the trust vested and I got control of everything, but I never went up there to look at any of it.
IrnChef_Jovian> I just... couldn't.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> That's the trust you were living off of when you were in school??
IrnChef_Jovian> Ya... my uncle stood in for me so I could have my own place and such, but all the bills came from that.
IrnChef_Jovian> So... it was like... having to go up there and dispose of things that were a big part of my parents' lives.
IrnChef_Jovian> It felt wrong, y'know?
[gTV] C'est_la_V> I don't... mama and papa are still around...
IrnChef_Jovian> Well it's something I don't wish on ya.
IrnChef_Jovian> So many familar sights and smells... to hold the stuff in your hand that you know your pop liked to work with...
IrnChef_Jovian> Tools, and items, and things that were precious to him..
IrnChef_Jovian> And then to have to chuck it because there's no room, no way to take it back with you.
IrnChef_Jovian> It hurts.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Mako-chan...
IrnChef_Jovian> I mean, it hasta be done, right? There's no way. But it's like... kind of a finality.
IrnChef_Jovian> I mean living in Tokyo all the time, with the house bein' in Osaka, it always felt like they were still there, just... not in touch, y'know?
IrnChef_Jovian> I mean, I'd been in Tokyo so long my accent even faded away by Junior High.
IrnChef_Jovian> But to go back... it just hammered everything home...
IrnChef_Jovian> I'd just realized they were gone! ^_^;;
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Mako-chan...
IrnChef_Jovian> Man, ya gotta tsukkomu me on that
[gTV] C'est_la_V> hee
[gTV] C'est_la_V> *smacks Mako-chan on the back of the head*
IrnChef_Jovian> ^___^
IrnChef_Jovian> I'm okay, I guess
IrnChef_Jovian> We accumulate so much stuff over a lifetime, don't we?
IrnChef_Jovian> I feel bad about putting that to waste.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Ne, ne...
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Your parents got things that made them happy.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> They enjoyed them.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> They don't use them now.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> They wouldn't want you to suffer carrying all their things everywhere you go..
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Your suffering would make them sad, right??
IrnChef_Jovian> I guess...
[gTV] C'est_la_V> I guess cherish the herlooms and things that make you happiest when you look at them...
[gTV] C'est_la_V> I dunno, this isn't something I had to deal with...
IrnChef_Jovian> No, it makes sense
IrnChef_Jovian> *hugs Mina-P*
[gTV] C'est_la_V> ^^ I haven't been called that in a long time!!
IrnChef_Jovian> ^_^
IrnChef_Jovian> Well I have things to take care of, bbl!
[gTV] C'est_la_V> See you Mako-chan!!

 IrnChef_Jovian is away: Memories can be sad but happy too

FireFly_9> That was touching, Sempai.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Ano... why didn't you say something if you were larking there?
FireFly_9> "lurking"
[gTV] C'est_la_V> That too...
FireFly_9> Because I don't know Makoto-san all that well, and she's your best friend.
FireFly_9> Also, I've been updating my homepage.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> You have a homepage?!!?
FireFly_9> Yes, remember back in 2004 when most of us started blogs and then promptly forgot about them?
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Hai, hehehe~
FireFly_9> Well since I don't really have time for social networking and the like, I've repurposed it to catalog the internet videos that are put out here from time to time.
FireFly_9> Here, have a look.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> *loads*
[gTV] C'est_la_V> ...
FireFly_9> What
[gTV] C'est_la_V> "Hah! Having lived with Minako-sempai I remember this incident well, and relish it. "
[gTV] C'est_la_V>
FireFly_9> eheh... heheh

 FireFly_9 is away: Oh my look at the time, must dash

[gTV] C'est_la_V> -You run.-

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• 01/24/12 07:26pm

Can't say I totally understand your loss there Makoto, but I can say this much... I do know how it is to die and force your way back to the living. No one ever wants to be forgotten, but in the end... everybody at somepoint is. You are your parents legacy and for that you must carry on. With my brother's hope to make our family strong again, I think he hasn't realized how many of the Junia family has actaully fallen. Maybe it's because none of our siblings have fallen in battle, only cousins.

Sailor Valkyrie • 10/06/07 06:37pm

Don't beat up on Hotaru! She's more awesome than Minako ANY DAY! Wow, I had forgotten about that "Yes I can" video! XD Poor Xadium!

Crimson Butterfly [e-mail] • 10/02/07 05:06pm

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