Suburban Senshi iChat #1248: “Rock the Dragon, Rock the World”
#1248: “Rock the Dragon, Rock the World”

 Thu Sep 27 07:19 2007 - Logging Started (suburbansenshi-chat)

@SpeedRcrX> *is listening to: Lucky✩Star - Konata CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA Karaoke [320 kbps]*
FireFly_9> Haruka-poppa
FireFly_9> You've had that on autorepeat for the last 18 hours
@SpeedRcrX> What's the problem, it's good!
FireFly_9> Define "Good"
FireFly_9> You have all the subwoofers going, the house is shaking, the cats and dogs in the neighboorhood have all fled except for those singing in disharmony with it, and the JDSF is getting ready to mobilize EARTHQUAKE Relief because you've tripped every seismograph in the area
@SpeedRcrX> You cannot tell me this isn't the height of badass

FireFly_9> OH YES I CAN.
FireFly_9> I'd rather hear BOTH you and Minako-sempai "enjoying yourselves" with your significant others all night rather than hear that caterwauling anymore
@SpeedRcrX> Catherwauling?! CATERWAULING?! that's f[BLEEP]king LOVE.
@SpeedRcrX> LOVE in every syllable, every scream, for the GREATEST Anime OP of ALL time.
FireFly_9> *headdesk* *Headdesk* Maybe if I do this enough, my brain will pulp and I won't SUFFER anymore
@SpeedRcrX> Man I got a question
FireFly_9> What, "how can the human body survive such a sonic assault?"
@SpeedRcrX> No, man
@SpeedRcrX> You know how like, in the news they were talking about prehistoric plants brought back to life because they were able to germinate the seeds after like, millions of years?
FireFly_9> Well this is a tangent, but yes.
@SpeedRcrX> Well...
@SpeedRcrX> Whatever happened to those damn plants.
@SpeedRcrX> I mean, you don't hear any followup. Are they thriving, are they for sale?
@SpeedRcrX> You just get the headline, then that's it.
FireFly_9> You mean you got up this morning, surrounded by the sonic fury of Konata-chan's singing, and decided "Oh, I wonder whatever happened to those prehistoric plants I heard about once a long time ago"?
@SpeedRcrX> Yesh
FireFly_9> I don't know about those, but Google has found me this.
@SpeedRcrX> OOh
@SpeedRcrX> LOL at the comments
@SpeedRcrX> ahahah
Mdm_Maestro> Ara, why are you laughing, dear. It sounds like you when you had homework due back in High School.
@SpeedRcrX> ... Man
FireFly_9> Ahahahaah I can believe this. Good morning, Michiru-momma.
Mdm_Maestro> Good morning, dear.
@SpeedRcrX> Man Michi, just because I used to ask you to do my homework for me once or twice.
Mdm_Maestro> Hah, once or TWICE?
Mdm_Maestro> I did ALL your homework for you while you spent your time sitting in cafes extemporizing on quasi-philosophical issues to nubile freshmen while sipping expresso!
FireFly_9> Michiru-momma, why do you put up with it?
Mdm_Maestro> The fringe benefits were Exceptional, dear.
@SpeedRcrX> hehehe
FireFly_9> I don't want to think about this any longer.
Mdm_Maestro> You *did* ask, dear.
FireFly_9> This is regrettably true.
FireFly_9> Hmph. I cant' seem to find any data on this plants.
@SpeedRcrX> LOL "find any data" you sound like Ami-chan
FireFly_9> ... that wasn't my intent
Mizunomics01> And what's wrong with sounding like me, Haruka-san?
Mizunomics01> *adjusts her glasses*
Mizunomics01> I *do* happen to run one of the most highly-capitalized software, hardware biotech Research and Development firms in the East, you know.
@SpeedRcrX> Yeah, using tech you stole from the 31st Century ahahaha
Mizunomics01> Feh, I didn't *steal* it.
Mizunomics01> For all I knew, the circumstances of our transport to that time frame were irreversable, so while we were acting as the "Four Guardians" of the city, I made the best of it.
@SpeedRcrX> Yeah and now you run "the Microsoft of the East".
Mizunomics01> Only we're much more entrenched than they are.
@SpeedRcrX> Funny, I don't hear about Mizunomics in the news.
Mizunomics01> Which is as it should be.
Mizunomics01> *adjusts glasses*
Mizunomics01> When you you hear about Microsoft? When it's either getting sued, consumers are complaining about it's restrictive DRM, or there's some kind of security breach.
Mizunomics01> By manufacturing to the governments of the world as our primary customers, and selling integratable "modules" and "black box" technologies, we stay safely under the radar and reap enormous profit.
@SpeedRcrX> So who's worth more in terms of net worth, you or Neko-chan?
Mizunomics01> Minako-chan? HAH.
Mizunomics01> Ginga TV makes about a billion USD a year in its various media enterprises. Mizunomics makes thrice that easily.
Mizunomics01> And unlike her, I didn't have to wish on the Dragon Balls to get my start.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Ami-chan's just jealous because I thought outside of the box
Mizunomics01> I am certainly *not* jealous.
Mizunomics01> Mako-chan and I started our businesses with the sweat of our brows.
@SpeedRcrX> Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Mako-chan inherit the trust from her parents who died in the plane crash?
@SpeedRcrX> And use that to buy the restaurant from that old woman who hooked up with her love after he came back from learning to be a top chef?
@SpeedRcrX> and of course, as said prior, you took your tech from the future.
Mizunomics01> COMPLETELY different circumstances. We still had to work to build our businesses!
[gTV] C'est_la_V> *I* sacrificed a lot to go around the world and FIND those Dragon Balls, which most people didn't even think EXISTED!
flame_SNIPER> HEY!
[gTV] C'est_la_V> huh?
flame_SNIPER> *SOME OF US* -- and by that I mean *ME*, actually are going to SCHOOL to earn the stupid pieces of PAPER that will let us WORK for our daily bread!
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Kekekeke and that's why you'll never have any fun in life, Rei-chan
flame_SNIPER> Gneh
[gTV] Karasuma_Akane> Preach it, Hino. There are those of us who WORK for our food.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Karasuma-san!
[gTV] C'est_la_V> If I hadn't done what I did with the Dragonballs, would you even HAVE a job??
[gTV] Karasuma_Akane>
[gTV] Karasuma_Akane> *away, I need coffee *
setsy_meiou> Why am I the only one who has to struggle, who makes her living designing bad fishnet-style quasi-goth fashions
@SpeedRcrX> Because you suck
FireFly_9> Haruka-poppa
@SpeedRcrX> Man this is her comeuppance for playing both sides against the middle during the whole Mistress 9 thing.
setsy_meiou> ..Had I NOT, you'd all be DEAD right now.
@SpeedRcrX> Better dead than Red
setsy_meiou> ...
@SpeedRcrX> *shrug* dunno, gonan go listen to my MP3 now

 @SpeedRcrX has signed off (Connection Reset by Beer)

FireFly_9> What do you mean GO?! you've NEVER STOPPED

 Thu Sep 27 08:05 2007 - Logging Stopped (suburbansenshi-chat)

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