Suburban Senshi iChat #1236: “Illiterate Mumbling”
#1236: “Illiterate Mumbling”

 Wed Sep 12 07:07 2007 - Logging Started (suburbansenshi-chat)

@SpeedRcrX> Aww man there's a new little flash website up explaining the Sakura Taisen Pachinko Game
FireFly_9> Hehe that looks cute
@SpeedRcrX> I wish someone could read it to me and tell me what it's about
FireFly_9> ...
FireFly_9> It's written in *Japanese*, your native tongue.
@SpeedRcrX> mmm... native tongue~
@SpeedRcrX> Man you know full well I can't read Japanese in the early morning / when I'm drunk.
FireFly_9> So in other words, you're constantly functionally illiterate.
@SpeedRcrX> Man
@SpeedRcrX> Tell me what it says?
FireFly_9> No.
FireFly_9> This is my revenge upon you for various unmentioned sins.
@SpeedRcrX> Man I dunno why everybody likes you, you can be a bitter uncompromising f[BLEEP]k
Reverend_H> MMm that sounds tasty, yo
FireFly_9> ...

 FireFly_9 is away: Why is it that every time I manage to gain some sort of upper hand you nullify my advantage with some kind of innuendo

@SpeedRcrX> Because, kiddo, that is your Achilles Heel
@SpeedRcrX> Yo Elios can you read that site to me
Reverend_H> Man, the only way you'd convince me to read that site for you involves a stripper pole and frankly I don't want to see you strip. yo
@SpeedRcrX> Punkass you don't know what you're missing

 Mizunomics01 has joined suburbansenshi-chat

Mizunomics01> I just have a general announcement to make.
Mizunomics01> Mizunomics Labs has verified that there is a worm affecting Skype Chat software.
Mizunomics01> There is no danger unless you click a link the worm messages you with. (As such it is more like a typical instant messenger worm).
@SpeedRcrX> *wonders if her computer's got worms*
Mizunomics01> The more I visit your home. Haruka-san, the more likely I find it that worms are a part of your life in some capacity, be it technological or biological.
@SpeedRcrX> You know, I'm getting a whole Rodney Dangerfield vibe going here
@SpeedRcrX> Man I'd rather have a f[BLEEP]king NUMBER than a name that can be mispronounced as EITHER PEE OR A BUTTHOLE depending on someone's mood OKAY

 setsy_meiou has left suburbansenshi-chat (the only bright side I want to see is the side of the earth which is exploding with you on it)

@SpeedRcrX> Yeah she's got issues.
Mizunomics01> A psychologist's field day, I'm sure.
Mizunomics01> At any rate, here is how to identify if you are infected and remove the worm (goes into more detail than the prior link)
@SpeedRcrX> LOL
Mizunomics01> hmm?

@SpeedRcrX pasted: was appearantly taken over by virus maker to distribute his virus.
@SpeedRcrX> "fak me"
@SpeedRcrX> Remind you of anyone we know?
Mizunomics01> ...
.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> fak u biches, i spall tit korectli "fak mi" ..|..
Mizunomics01> I shall make a note of that.

 Wed Sep 12 07:25 2007 - Logging Stopped (suburbansenshi-chat)

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