Suburban Senshi iChat #1228: “LolCatablanca Memories”
#1228: “LolCatablanca Memories”

 Fri Aug 31 10:08 2007 - Logging Started (suburbansenshi-chat)

Oh YEAH well you may be that way NOW but if you keep it up I'll tell everyone about how you used to be when you were 14! You know, stuffing with the tissue paper~
MOH! Artemis, you're passing me off!!
Hoo boy, the stories I could tell about you, way back before the days of Ms. Ginga Executive~
You know, Artemis...
How long has it been... 1991 to today... sixteen years...
I've known you for SIXTEEN years....
And today is the day you drew the straw that humped the camel's backside!!
... I don't even know where to start with that one, Mina.
Don't "Mina" me!
geez is another war about to begin between you two?
From today, I'm replacing you.
You... you what?! O_O
Say hello to your new replacement-cat.

That-- that's--- What the HELL is that?!
It's *way* more polite and vibrant than you
You're JOKING, right?! that thing is a freaky offense against man and nature!
Please don't replace me with it...
*hugs Artemis* I'm just joking with you! AHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!
You know what they say, "turnabout is fun when you're rolling in the hay~!!"
You're getting worsde with time, you know that, right.
Man there's a lot more names out there of Wrestlers connected to steroids.
he NY Daily News named Randy Orton, Charles Haas, Adam "Edge" Copeland, Robert "Booker" Huffman, Shane Helms, Mike "Simon Dean" Bucci, Anthony "Santino Marella" Carelli, John "Morrison" Hennigan, Darren "William Regal" Matthews, Ken "Kennedy" Anderson and Chavo Guerrero.
ESPN revealed: Shoichi Funaki, Dave "Batista" Bautista, Chris "Masters" Mordetsky
The New York Daily News updated its article adding Eddie "Umaga" Fatu.
Why would UMAGA needs 'roids? He's roly-poly!
You know, I only watched wrestling because you and X-chan and Artemis watched it all the time.
But I'm starting to get sick of it.
Man you can't tell me you didn't think there were people on the Juice way back when.
That never stopped you from enjoying it before.
you were perfectly f[BLEEP]king willing to enjoy the chairshots to the head and the nWo antics and the Flying headbutts and the cage matches and whatever.
But just because Benoit did what he did, now all those people are tarred with brushes? They've become monsters too?
F[BLEEP]k that s[BLEEP]t.
they're dumbasses for wrecking themselves like that, but COME ON.
I just don't know anymore.
I mean I guess
Before it was their choice, to push themselves like that
But now that we've seen what can happen to other people as a result... suddenly that choice looks worse than it did before.
I dunno.
"Nine of the suspensions are the Superstar's first offense while one is the second offense for the Superstar. First offenses carry 30 days while second offenses carry a suspension of 60 days."
That's a slap on the wrist.
anyway I have something to cheer us all up
These guys Remade a lot of classic arcade games with modern effects and they are free to download
Heh, remember when you used to train at Crown Arcade?
Now there's only one machine there and it's all karaoke, it sucks
Well it has been 16 years
hehe that's some people's lifetimes
LOL you're old, Neko
Heh, I don't get older, I get hotter
That's my line!!
I'm lonely

 Fri Aug 31 10:33 2007 - Logging Stopped (suburbansenshi-chat)

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