Suburban Senshi iChat #1223: “Burning our Mans Perfectly”
#1223: “Burning our Mans Perfectly”

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Bob Dylan Soundalike reads Dr. Suess
"Seuss", dear.
i dew nat lik gran aggs n ham i dew nat lik dem sem i em
Your mother obviously ate green eggs and ham while you were incubating.
You know.
Everyone says I am the "bad guy"
But had I KILLED Sailor Moon back in the day... the Spore would never have been born.
.... s[BLEEP]t.
that's like... profound.
fak u azzhoal everbudi luvs mi
im sew kut n adorible
hshshshss dnt u went mi
I want you... stuck in a blender headfirst.
A radical new type of tire design is forthcoming.
Man that just looks too insubstantial to me.
Heh, another fun video just crossed my desk.
Well "fun" if power-tripping jerks is your thing.

No comment.
I need to spend a few days reading all of this.
Danimal makes me think of Manimal. I miss Manimal.
Felony arson charges for burning the Burning Man. So much for that counter-culture.
Wait, what?
Every year you get these people racing out to the American Desert in what started as an impromptu almost quasi-tribal display of creativity and "letting it all hang-out"-ness.
Over time it's gotten more famous and commercialized
As they describe it, it's an "annual art festival and temporary community based on radical self expression and self-reliance in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada."
Here zoom in on this to get an idea of how many people go to this thing.
So anyway, they pride themselves on being all "against the man", etc.
*is listening*
The central focal point of the whole supposedly anarchistic exercise is the burning of the giant "burning man" totem.
You don'rt sound like you believe in their ideas.
I don't, I think it's a bunch of people being suckered into paying up for an "experience" that long ago stopped being authentic.
And now, their sellout roots are showing. For a big counterculture that prides itself on doing what you want, they sure got pissy when someone actually lived up to the ideal and lit it on fire 4 days early.

 SpeedRcrX reads the article


SpeedRcrX pasted:
"I am disturbed that the Man is burnt. As I looked at it, I was going, 'This can't be happening,' " said Bob Harms of South Lake Tahoe, a seven-time burner.
Yes, someone was having fun with the copy
Yes well I am reading the general population of Metafilter having a collective "holier than thou" moment over BoingBoing's redesign, being more elitist than I ever thought possible.
LOL Blog pissing wars.
Yes the thread is filled with such gems as "A case could be made that Cory Doctrow [the proprietor] has, almost single-handedly, destroyed any and all redemptive potential that the early web may have possessed. Somewhere along the line this sneaky evil genius transformed the web into television except instead of having "commercial breaks" content and advertising would merge into a single, never ending stream of meaningless crap".
Wow one guy did all that?
Hardly. *snicker*.
Which led to this one comment that I think more people should keep in mind:

FireFly_9 pasted:
It's *their* blog, not yours. If you don't like reading about the meme of the week, Cory's classes, or Xeni Zen, then don't read the goddamn thing. They write what they want to write about. That's as it should be. If you think reading that is a waste of time, then stop wasting your time reading it.
LOL someone's feeling touchy today
I just hate it when people whose work I enjoy get belittled because some third party is being elitist about it.
"Except only in the greatest stretch possible can you call it a blog. They lost that after removing comments and putting ads all over the damned place, with a dedicated contracted staff to selling those ads (who I once contracted for a project and was shocked and how much they wanted)."
Well gee.
Boing Boing gets over 5 million hits a month.
Bandwidth has to come from *SOMEWHERE*.
Let all the bitter out, kid. It helps.
Oh I know.
"Its like the last few seasons of the Simpsons. We're a little bitter its fallen into such shoddy disrepair and think the authors have betrayed us."

 // J_Daito // is away: off betraying something or other

man remember when we sold out to Hideki Anno, that was fun s[BLEEP]t.
Please don't remind me
Yeah well lucky for you guys he got bored and went to revive Eva AGAIN.
When is that coming out again?
GOD do some research on your own, Ten'ou, every other question out of your mouth lately is "when is ___ coming out again!"
You need your caffiene.
Yes, Yes I do.
And besides, why should I bother to do original research when you can do it for me, Akane

 Karasuma_Akane gives you the finger.

 Karasuma_Akane is away: starbucks sucks, but it'll do in a pinch

I like her style, I do.
Here's the FAQ on the new movies.
Thanks Aya, you're so helpful with finding things on this vast internet sea of information~ ♫
Haruka-poppa are you flirting with her?
Ara, someone has to find things for Ginga to report~

 Aya_Reiko is away: giggle

You do realize that for all her chipper cheer she can become cruel and sadistic on a whim, yes?
Oh god, she's the perfect match for you. Too bad you're MARRIED.
A guy can look!
You're not a "guy".

 SpeedRcrX is away: you're too technical


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