Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1181: “They keep pulling me back in (Sopranos Finale SPOILERS)”
#1181: “They keep pulling me back in (Sopranos Finale SPOILERS)”

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[22:38] <@SpeedRcrX> So
[22:38] <@SpeedRcrX> I just threw a chair into the TV
[22:38] <// J_Daito //> Sopranos Finale, huh
[22:39] <@SpeedRcrX> Yeah
[22:39] <@SpeedRcrX> ><
[22:39] <@SpeedRcrX> What did you think
[22:39] <@SpeedRcrX> that episode really sucked. I get it, "You won't know it's coming. Everything will just go black."
[22:39] <@SpeedRcrX> I don't care.
[22:39] <// J_Daito //> I really wanted to see Meadow and AJ beheaded. There I said it. I can't take it back. It's out there.
[22:40] <IrnChef_Jovian> The cut to black left me sitting in my dark living room, with my heart racing. It was a great ending. Life is tense. Life goes on. Life sucks, then you die. S[BLEEP]t happens. S[BLEEP]t fails to happen. Resolution is for the lucky.
[22:40] <@SpeedRcrX> Bulls[BLEEP]t
[22:40] <FireFly_9> That sense of tension and anxiety at the end is how Tony has to lead his life, every minute of every day. He doesn't know what's going to happen next, and now we know what that's like.
[22:41] <FireFly_9> We were looking at every action around him as a source of danger... Expecting anything to happen. And for that short few minutes we knew what it was like to be Tony. Could be the FBI waiting to grab you, could be some hired killers edging their way toward your table and entire family, the whole place could explode, etc...
[22:41] <FireFly_9> No nice tidy bow wrapped ending for us or Tony, just another revolution of the wheel of fate
[22:41] <Mizunomics01> I believe Tony Sporano died.
[22:41] <Mizunomics01> ^Soprano
[22:41] <Mizunomics01> Recall the flashback in the previous episode, where Bobby says "You never even hear it when it happens, do you?" Implying everything just goes black - you're dead before you even hear the gun being fired. Well, that's exactly what happened. The last thing Tony say was Meadow walking in the door.
[22:42] <Mizunomics01> Earlier in the episode, he was eating an orange, which is a reference to the Godfather that has been made before in the series. (Not to mention the man walking into the washroom) They signify death, don't they?
[22:42] <// J_Daito //> No, what happened is that all the fanboys and fangirls wanted it to end with a big grisly bloody killing spree and Chase didnt let it happen. The suggestion here is that their lives go on but you dont get to watch them anymore. Plus not killing off the main Sopranos family opens the show up to movies.
[22:42] <=^catablanca^=> He might also have not been shot.
[22:42] <=^catablanca^=> I just had to point that out.
[22:43] <=^catablanca^=> They put the song "I'm Alive" by Tommy James & The Shondells to the jukebox list, and the fact that the final song was called "Don't Stop Believing".
[22:44] <@SpeedRcrX> You analyze s[BLEEP]t too much sometimes Arty
[22:44] <=^catablanca^=> I'm lonely, there's nothing else to do ><
[22:45] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> No. It was us who got "wacked" at the end. We didn't even see it coming. *We* got shot by the suspicious Italian guy when he was coming out of the bathroom, or perhaps by the two African-American guys (just like Tony's close encounter in Season 1).
[22:45] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> Clearly the end was meant to be somewhat ambiguous), but I think the intention was to kill US, not to kill Tony. Life goes on for the Soprano family, just like it has in every other episode. It does NOT go on for us. The viewer finally experiences what has happened to so many other characters on the show. We're dead before we even hear the shot.
[22:45] <Reverend_H> You know, I came up with a rather nice ending about a year ago that involved Big P[BLEEP]y coming back from the dead as zombie and using voodoo to take over Tony's crew, then going to war with Phil and then the rest of the Five Families. I even wrote a theme song (to the tune of the Three's Company theme song)
[22:45] <@SpeedRcrX> ...
[22:46] <// J_Daito //> I don't think you can say more than that, really
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