Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1160: “New DBZ Footage of a Kind”
#1160: “New DBZ Footage of a Kind”

Shaldra Darkness dug this clip up for me, and it's especially apt considering it's budokai season! thanks Shal, it's great! :D - X


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• 01/24/12 07:26pm and freak out friends......must.......have....

Souldier • 04/16/07 09:40pm

Now that I think and look, there was an icon towards the top where there is a banner... what the hell does this have to do with Power Instinct : Matrimelee ?!?

Souldier • 04/15/07 08:25pm

AHA! A new form of audio-weapon to use in the Budokai!

But you know...that is DISTURBING to hear ><

Kaira [e-mail] • 04/11/07 11:38am

my ears have just been raped! my brain hurts from the loss of IQ points for watching that.

jovian mako [e-mail] • 04/08/07 10:58pm

Aha! A new form of audio-weapon for us to use!

Solarchos [e-mail] • 04/08/07 03:14pm know. I DONT know what to say about that.....

Souldier • 04/08/07 02:54pm

Yeah u know after watching that i feel strangly ill as well

Seiya_Kou • 04/07/07 02:12pm