Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1093: “I think I'm a clone now...”
#1093: “I think I'm a clone now...”



DO not make the mistake calling it my chatbox. I had NO PART in the programming of it. when kryten wanted me to test things, i did as i could. I am an op in there who does NOT use her powers, and it is not my box in any part.

zora • 11/23/06 08:33pm

Some kind of "head's up" to Xadium about this might have helped avoid some of this. The layout is so similar to Suburban Senshi it's easy to jump to the conclusion that Kryten's site is a direct "ripoff". Kryten and zora are certainly welcome to run their chatbox any way they please, but they've definitely borrowed some features from Suburban Senshi.

Like I said, a "head's up" of some kind would have helped here.

Solarchos [e-mail] • 11/23/06 08:18pm

[13:01] <@SpeedRcrX> and Nako, as for you, what the f[BLEEP]k. You're smarther then this. You go into a direct rip of this place and pick a direct rip of the appearance of someone here. What am I SUPPOSED to think.

Dr. X • 11/23/06 01:14pm

I said it once, and if i have to break it down before you listen, then fine.

I actually have a few friends in that box, and hang in there occasionally, once a week if i am lucky.

NakoNako is dead. However he is in Heaven and has encountered God. God has essentially made NakoNako his bitch in the afterlife. That is all God IS. He's obnoxious. I wanted him to be a gold color. if you are that offended with the gold color, fine. I'll change it to whatever other color you want. I don't understand why you are overreacting to something that I had no intention of stealing from any of your characters.

zora • 11/23/06 09:33am

And they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...
Not that I want to join the new chat, mind you, but if I find a link, or if someone PMs me it, I may check it out...

Tuxedo Rainbow • 11/23/06 09:23am

Aahahahahahahaha. Brilliant.

Haak [e-mail] • 11/23/06 07:37am

I don't care anymore. I've already changed some of the elements that looked like yours and will probably change some more, but the styles and formats based on real IRC clients weren't yours to begin with, so I feel perfectly justified using them. You've already turned (or attempted to turn) everyone against me, so relish that victory.

Kryten • 11/23/06 04:53am

that line can be found if you jump to August 30, 2005 in the Xanga BTW.

Dr. X • 11/23/06 04:44am

One last thing, this line from me on August 26th, 2005 in live chat.
[13:22] ultimately what I want is a way for each user of the box to have their own associated text file with a /look description and /stats.

So don't even come to me about December.

Dr. X • 11/23/06 04:37am

Kryten / Zora : Uh huh. you pulled them off of there, yet they LOOK JUST LIKE MINE. Buying paint at a different store doesn't matter if the end result looks and feels identical What does it matter if the hex is a touch different if the outcome is visually the same? That argument is specious at best. And Kryten, back in December no one ASKED you to start anything, you started coding something ON YOUR OWN, sir. Something that was never solicited or asked for by management. And my other features were around WAY before December.
And as for your friends, I have no problems with them and you palling around. My problem is with the way you BLATANTLY ripped off my box and even my damn DISCLAIMER.

Dr. X • 11/23/06 03:10am


I too have pulled all of my character colors from the same page. It's right here:

Kryten's is LightSlateGray (seven rows down on the left). What you don't seem to remember is that back in DECEMBER, I started this project as a way to fix YOUR overcrowded user system. You started making enemies of most of the people I was and am friends with. Paint me as the bad guy all you want, I'm trying to help out some people in need. (And driving myself nuts doing it, too.)

Kryten • 11/23/06 01:45am

Hey X, the next time you go assuming things, READ UP A LITTLE.

I play God. The hex codes are different. I pulled the gold color off of didier lepihce's giant table of every hex code color you can dream of. I have an afterlife arc going with NakoNako in there that is only ever played in the rare miniscules of time I need to let loose.

But if you totally find this offensive, well I'm sorry. I never meant for the character to be percieved *this* way.

zora • 11/23/06 01:37am

Well, *this* is certainly a surprise. And not exactly a pleasant one, either. In all honesty I'm a little disappointed with Kryten on this one.

Solarchos [e-mail] • 11/22/06 07:53pm

Wow... That's just... wow.

Adam [e-mail] • 11/22/06 07:43pm