#109: “I LOVE my KEYBOARD!”

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<GERMATOID> One of the most PRIZED pieces of computer EQUIPMENT that I own is NOT my CD-burner, or my hard drives, or even my LIGHT UP trackball. It's my TRUSTY IBM Model M Keyboard!
<GERMATOID> This little baby was what I TRAINED on when I first GOT INTO computers. 15 POUNDS of STEEL-shelled, BUCKLE-SPRING mechanical TYPING POWER! It's virtually INDESTRUCTIBLE!
<GERMATOID> I have a neat one with a sold GREY case... (don't know if those are RARE or not), but I'll NEVER give it up... these NEW fangled KEYBOARDS are just so WEAK and wussy, what with their PLASTIC keys and SILENT operation... TRUE geeks don't DO plastic Keyboards!
<GERMATOID> If you WISH you still HAD one of these, or at least a keyboard with the same type of "IBM FEEL" to the keys, worry NOT, for I have found a PLACE that sells MODERN versions of these classics!
<GERMATOID> And if you're running LINUX with one of these bad boys, this SITE has a lot of TOYS for your keyboard LEDs!
<GERMATOID> But don't forget to USE your BHADAZZ Model M responsibly! This SITE has information on ERGONOMIC safety for those of you who POUND at the keys for a living.
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