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#1020: “Snakes on a Plane ::rollseyes::”

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[11:35] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> Repeating our latest headline once again, mass arrests have been made in South City, where a suspected group of Pokemon trainers was arrested for allegedly plotting to release rabid pokemon in order to savage small helpless infants.
[11:35] <FireFly_9> So... no Pokemon were actually released.
[11:35] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> No.
[11:35] <FireFly_9> No one was hurt, and they were just suspected.
[11:35] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> Right.
[11:36] <FireFly_9> Just to be clear, no damage was actually done.
[11:36] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> Right.
[11:36] <FireFly_9> Yet this is on every network why?
[11:38] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> Because it gets ratings! Nothing like a good blood-pumping OMG! Look what ALMOST happened! to get people worked up!
[11:39] <FireFly_9> Almost, but didn't. And in another country altogether where it really can't affect us anyway.
[11:40] <@S.X. Aino> A supreme media blitz reinforcing the dangers of Radical Pokemonism just one day after the people voted out Ash Ketchum, Lex Luthor's longtime lackey as their choice to lead Central City.
[11:41] <FireFly_9> Yes, an arrest that could have happened on ANY OTHER DAY.
[11:41] <@S.X. Aino> Nothing to see here tho~ just sit back and ph33r like they like~
[11:42] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> Hey don't blame the messenger :P
[11:42] <Mdm_Maestro> Hmph, why don't you all just go put on some tinfoil hats
[11:43] * Mdm_Maestro is away: ensconcing myself in my airtight bunker closet studio
[11:43] <@S.X. Aino> Hoo Boy~
[11:43] <FireFly_9> I would quote Orwell, but what's the point.
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Bla, bla, bla... Whingings of children playing dress-up. I suppose if the plan had actually gone through that you all (and Hotaru too) would claim that the gov't had done little to prevent it.

Mel • 08/14/06 12:18pm

Don't talk to me about f[BLEEP]king Romans. "We must all make sacrifices to fight the Amazon threat." I still recall their attempt to do that by rounding up all the women in the Empire (can't be too careful, no smoke without fire, they might be gestating weapons of moderate destruction) and sending them to an internment camp in Sicily.

Amazon Xanthippe • 08/11/06 08:47am

It's called "alarmism" and "scare-mongering". It's a good way to distract and divert public attention away from other issues. Back in the days of the Roman Empire they had a phrase : to keep the masses entertained all you need are Bread and Circuses, and if the show is good enough, the Bread is optional.

Behold, the "Circuses" of our time...and we have to pay for the priviledge of the Bread at inflated prices.

Solarchos [e-mail] • 08/11/06 07:52am

I can't wait to tell my mom she can't take her hairspray with her on the plane anymore. She just hates having flat hair.

D-Train [e-mail] • 08/10/06 08:42pm

In-flight magazine? You should be so lucky. All paper is to be banned from international flights because of the risks of terrorists making origami bombs and slaughtering the cabin crew by means of paper cuts. Now, look upon your rotting carcass of an administration, and tell me that you do not want my people to invade, and establish true order! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! You might be subjugated and mocked, but even we'd let you get on a plane without a cavity search.

Amazon Xanthippe • 08/10/06 03:41pm

Seriously though, this whole situation is absolute bullsh*t. The 'terrorists' have already won; everyone is nice and scared, and nobody's paying any attention to the war crimes going on in Lebanon - which is nice and convenient. They had better have this garbage settled (and the luggage restriction eased) by the time I have to go on vacation, because I will NOT get on a seven-hour, long-haul flight with nothing to read but an over-priced newspaper and the in-flight 'magazine'. ><

Between_the_Lines • 08/10/06 01:38pm

It's called instating fear! Hooray Fear!
....Wait that's Red Stripe....Oh well, same thing.

Mango-chan [e-mail] • 08/10/06 01:38pm