Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1015: “Crisis Prelude BEGIN”
#1015: “Crisis Prelude BEGIN”

Sakura's Tale II: T -20: She is Arisen Once More

A monument to war. A testament to man's desire to fight for peace. The hub of events that had reshaped the galaxy. This "UN / Times Square" in space had been home to over a quarter millions souls in its heyday-- but now, the antiquated space station was all but abandoned, a harzard to navigation.

From a safe distance aboard her shuttlecraft, Earth Alliance Admiral Susan Ivanova watched with no small measure of nostalgia as the fusion reactors of the station were deliberately overloaded, and the massive cylindrical structure erupted into a brilliant flame that was all too quickly extinguished by the cold vaccum of space. That place, the nexus of her life-- the grounds from which she had seen one man stand and reshape the face of the galaxy with only his words and his will-- that place was now gone.

The lights onboard the shuttle flickered for a moment. Ivanova didn't think anythign of it, of course-- the explosion of the station would be sending all kinds of radiation out into space. Light, heat, electricity. Heh, she was too old to be worrying about things like that anymore. Like she ever stopped worrying.

As fate would have it, Ivanova would have been right to worry. Yes, the explosion had sent out lots of different things-- it even sent out a coherent pattern of energy that had been looping around the station's electrical system ever since it had been forcibly introduced into it decades ago by a young girl still struggling to come to terms with herself.

For while the Admiral busied herself with setting course to her next destination, the databanks on her shuttle were silently downloading, compiling and retransmitting a series of signals-- which, in a few weeks, made their way back to Earth and downloaded into the vacant, waiting neural pathways of a clone floating asleep in a clylinder of LCL nutrient liquid.

The clone's hand twitched and clenched into a fist, decades-old rage boiling to the fore as it awoke, the body it was attached to sloshing to the floor as the holding tank opened.

Blinking her blue eyes for a moment, lying helpless on the ground while she re-learned how to work her new frame, Yuuko "Eudial" Arimura sucked in her first breath as a living being in decades. And used her very next breath to curse the name of the girl who had trapped her for so long.

"Damn you, Sakura Xadium Aino... I WILL SEND YOU TO HELL!"

Noriko's Hell Quest: T-20: Space Vendetta Get
"Shaldra Darkness," a slightly posh quasi british-Japanese voice muttered. "That annoying magus-cat-thing-person."

There was the sound of frantic fingers against keyboard as information popped up on screen with a totally unneeded dub teletype sound.


"Planet Expel, eh?" The voice muttered, laughing to itself. "Not for much longer."

There was the sound of snapped fingers. "Minion! Minion! It is time! We have a planet to destroy! HA HA HA HA!"


"Soon," the voice chortled. "Soon, All their Continent will belong to us!"

Omake! T-20: Night Terrors
Hotaru clamped her hands over her ears, the thumping sounds from upstairs louder and louder, the sounds of bedsprings groaning and straining under heavy bouncing load.

"They're doing it AGAIN," Hotaru growled, trying to read.

"Hai~" Minako mused, looking at her wedding ring and imagining something similar.

"And by the feel of the energy thery transformed for it too," Hotaru continued, squeezing her eyes shut at the mental image.


"WILL YOU MARRY ME?!" A fully clothed Sailor Neptune demanded, slamming Haruka into the bed and braining her with a heavy easel.

"Dammit!" Sailor Uranus protested, dodging.

"SAY YES!" Neptune screamed, hurling a heavy book onto the bed with another thud. "It's been OVER TWELVE YEARS say YES!!"