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#1013: “It's a nice thought but no.”

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[08:09] <@SpeedRcrX> Heh
[08:09] <@SpeedRcrX>
[08:10] <@SpeedRcrX> Today, 1,422 days after beginning this project, we are elevating One Piece to a level attained by only one other series in history.
[08:10] <@SpeedRcrX> 200 Fansubbed Episodes. Tieing Sailor Moon as the all-time most fansubbed series.
[08:11] * @SpeedRcrX says nothing... and just just looks at her stack of DBZ episodes... all 291.
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• 01/24/12 07:24pm

K-F has its flaws too ("Marines" instead of "Navy" and a few other quibbles), but by and large, they're pretty damn good. And there's more dialogue than you'd think in DBZ, but OP is definitely more talky, hands-down.

SaiyaJedi • 08/03/06 10:26pm

Every time I kill a kitten, God watches DBZ. And that is true.

dooky • 08/03/06 12:54pm

everytime you watch an episode of DBZ God kills a kitten

Wolfykins of the undead • 08/02/06 11:48pm

I gotta ask, does Dragon Ballz really count? How fluent do you have to be to fansub DBZ's grunts, gestures, and explosions? One Piece, like Sailor Moon, is wall-to-wall dialog, much of it subtle. Those 291 DBZ tapes have, what, 30 episodes worth between them? ;-) "I keed", but [K-F] is still king of the pirates in my eyes!

Bogey • 08/02/06 09:09pm

Granted, DBZ was across multiple fansub groups, not all of whom were necessarily fluent in either language...

SaiyaJedi • 08/02/06 04:31pm

Doesn't the PGSM count?

Jupiter Knight • 08/02/06 10:45am

....Wow, just wow.

KnifeyUtensil [e-mail] • 08/02/06 10:22am