Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1007: “Not Safe for Brain”
#1007: “Not Safe for Brain”


After the lovers had gotten out of the Crescent Beam Shower, they felt Sab„o Spray Freezing-- but Elios said, "don't worry babe, you'll be a Burning Mandala in my arms tonight."

Chibiusa nodded, tonight was the night. She felt the passion of her Fire Soul and pressed Elios down with a Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss. Elios moaned and in a Moon Twilight Flash, Deep Submerged his Mars Snake Fire into her Star Gentle Uterus.

Chibiusa nearly had a Pink Sugar Heart Attack and let out a Dead Scream of passion as Elios began moving his hips in a Rolling Heart Vibration, applying Sparkling Wide Pressure to her rapidly heating Star Sensitive Inferno.

Her World Shaking, Chibiusa lost herself in a Flower Hurricane of ecstacy, ensconcing Elios' Flame Sniper in a Galactica Tsunami of Luna Sucre Candy. Elios moaned, his passion undergoing Moon Healing Escalation. It wasn't long before he experienced Oak Evolution, crying out, pulling back and covering Chibiusa's Jupiter Coconut Cyclones in a Sab„o Spray of Furious Random Crescent Beam Shots.

Chibiusa panted, covered in the Shine Snow Illusion. She was unable to stand or walk, feeling a Rainbow Moon Heart Ache thanks to the Supreme Thunder of Elios' Star Serious Laser. She passed out happily, in Love and Beauty Shock.



Oh woe is me for reading that! I think I'm actually traumitized by the way those attacks were "used". Chibiusa and her dad that was bad. I really truely did NOT need to know about her and the horse though! Minako-chan what the hell have you been reading from??

jovian mako [e-mail] • 07/25/06 11:23pm

0_0 my virgin eyes

newbie • 07/25/06 04:12pm

I knew I should have stopped reading when I read the title, but I just couldn't stop...

And I just knew after the first line that Star Gentle Uterus was going to be in there somewhere.

Tirry [e-mail] • 07/25/06 04:08pm

Gad, that was bad. As bad as a story I once heard, but forgot. ARGH, MY MIND!

TuxRainbow • 07/24/06 09:03pm

Uh uh... whoa ho ho

Jupiter Knight • 07/24/06 06:04pm

I believe my brain just broke. I really should have read the warning label.

Sailor Nishanu • 07/24/06 04:33pm

O_o I have been corrupted...

D-Train [e-mail] • 07/24/06 12:50pm

GAWD MY POOR MIND! That is eerily funny and yet very DISTURBING at the same time. I side with Shaldra. I don't know whether to laugh or to die of horror.

Kakyuu-tachi [e-mail] • 07/24/06 12:23pm

That is the best thing I have ever read. Ever.

dooky • 07/23/06 10:17pm

Suburban Senshi: Your Daily Dose of Chibi-Usa Porn.

Ikari Shinji • 07/23/06 09:19pm

That is so funny and so wrong on so many levels.
...So is a fun word to use!

Mango-chan [e-mail] • 07/23/06 09:17pm

I don't know whether to laugh insanely or commit seppuku

Shaldra Darkness [e-mail] • 07/23/06 09:16pm

The title should be in red or something. Also, it needs "Bad Euphemism/Pun Warning."

...your mind is eerily creative at times.

starcat • 07/23/06 09:16pm